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Becoming a Bestselling eBook Author

There was once a time when Hollywood wielded so much power that studios had near complete control over an actor's career. Those were the "contract" days, when actors had to be loaned out to rival studios if they caught wind of a juicy script and wanted in. This kind of power was only possible due to one very important thing: lack of competition. Without the ability to approach any studio they chose via an agent, and pick and choose scripts regardless of the lot it was being filmed on (something that is rather routine today) actors were often forced to commit to roles that were completely dissatisfying.

Competition is both healthy and destructive. While it makes for competitive pricing (an essential boon to the consumer) in turn it can sweep through an industry and leave companies in shambles. Take the big publishing companies. For a long time, publishing was considered an elite industry, almost exclusive to the literati; the movers and shakers; and writers who were fixtures in the publishing world via close associations with influential editors, or other famous authors, agents, or what have you. It took some time before a regular Joe or Jane could shoot off a query letter to an agent, along with a few sample chapters, and later land a deal on the strength of a novel that forced the publisher to groom them for stardom.

Today, however, with the gigantic strides being made by the self-publishing model, less than average Joes and Janes are able to get in on the action.

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