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B&N Opens Up Nook to Publishers Via Pubit

Barnes & Noble launched a new eBook platform recently, one can almost say in stealth, and with little fanfare to boot. Designed to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Digital Text Platform, B&N’s Pubit platform has similar bells and whistles, allowing publishers to upload files directly to an online account that houses both Tax ID info and bank account info for the purpose of royalty payments that, according to their pricing and royalty terms, would land in checking accounts via EFT 60 days after the sales month in question. At this point, being early in the game I suppose, Pubit users, unlike Amazon Kindle DTP users, will see their new book submissions go live relatively quickly—we’re talking under 15 hours following title setup and submission.

What is strange is that B&N has yet to disclose full details on their royalty scheme, which still leaves a lot of questions among those in the independent publishing community. Publishers and authors can, however, set their own retail sales prices, which are subject to change at B&N’s discretion—again, according to their terms, and we advise you to read those terms carefully before signing on.

Pubit essentially makes use of the popular EPUB format, and users can upload a formatted MS Word or RTF file, or even HTML files if their coding is up to snuff. The powerful Pubit EPUB converter works pretty well, if a file is formatted properly, and book setup is relatively painless. Publishers should not ignore this sector of the eBook market, seeing the eBook industry itself seems to be taking off at last. Staying out of Pubit will, in effect, be like leaving money on the table. As a publisher, your frame of mind should be, “the more retail avenues and file formats for my publications, the more streams of revenue.”

Authors and publishers can ask to be invited to the party by going here.

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